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  • Air ride, front and rear, minimizes shock and vibration to the medical equipment reducing downtime and maintenance costs as well as reducing fatigue for the driver.
  • Automatic hydraulically controlled leveling system minimizes set-up and teardown time.
  • Fiberglass stepwell entry system insures safety for tech and patient entering and exiting the coach.
  • All fiberglass body requires no painting thus reducing maintenance costs.
  • All fiberglass skirting, wheel openings, and storage doors repels salt water and will never rust or corrode saving thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.
  • Steel commercial entry door in proprietary aluminum door frame does not leak and has passed military rain tests to add testimony to this quality product.
  • This contemporary aerodynamic 40' coach will add pride and distinction to any organization as well as offering an ergonomic interior design to maximize patient flow and efficiency.
  • Expandable side adds additional seating capacity as well as aids in patient flow.
  • Generators up to 35kw in a sound deadened compartment offers plenty of power for most applications.
  • Commercial heating and air conditioning unit affords reliable service, minimum downtime and a comfortable working environment.
  • Integrated UVL wheelchair lift into stepwell entry adds convenience in bringing wheelchair patients on-board as well as lowers overall cost of coach.
  • 48" wide entry door with fiberglass non-slip stepwell 48" wide powered step and built-in hand rails, both sides, and includes a UVL wheelchair lift offering tech and feeble patient the ability to safely enter and exit the coach.
  • Four point automatic leveling system saves set-up and tear down time plus minimizes vibration inside the coach for quality studies.

Mobile Health Screening

Health Screening Clinic on Wheel

Take your entire staff on the road with our mobile coach to provide health care service whenever and wherever the patients are located. Our mobile coach enables you to meet the needs of individuals who may not have access to health care services across the world.

Proven Design

Our KB mobile health screening coach makes it easy to drive anywhere. All units are designed, assembled and tested to meet the safety standards. Each 40’ coach have features like air ride suspension, heating and air conditioning, wheel chair lifts, leveling system, 22.5kw generator, shore power hook-up, automatic hydraulically controlled leveling system, fiberglass stepwell entry system and many more.

Easy to Practice

Our mobile health screening coaches are functional and practical as it is design fully equipped, efficient and comfortable. Each coach is ready to go with everything you need to treat your patient. Every coach have expandable side, waiting room, reception and ergonomically designed work area.

Enhance Health Care Service

Mobile Health Screening Coach allow to enhance your practice for rural, slum, poverished, urban and remotely located communities, business parks, retirement and nursing home members and many others.

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Mobile Health Screening
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